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Sports Investment Program

Joe Wiz is one of the most powerful men in the sports betting business for over 25 years. He has run a successful sportsbook overseas and currently hosts his nationally syndicated tv and ESPN Radio Show The Feinline. The sports betting business is exploding, and 90% of the US will have legalized sports betting within 2 years. There is no better time to jump in. Joe Wiz sports consulting services are all inclusive.

Online Presence

Joe will provide a sports handicapping website and promo page that can take online orders through various merchants. You can update the current matchups and promos daily.


Joe will guide you through and set up the best methods of advetising and promoting. These include social media, banner and video ads, text and email marketing, radio ads and more.

Picking The Winners

Joe will share his proprietary handicapping methods for picking the games against the spread and providing winners to your clients consistantly. Joe will also go over pricing and upselling techniques that will increase your revenue considerably.

Networking & Lead Gen

Joe will share his invaluable sports handicapping business knowledge and network of sources online and around the country. Joe will also go over the in and outs of lead generation methods that are fast, proven and effective.

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Some common questions about the sports handicapping business and Joe Wiz.

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There is no better time to get into the sports handicapping business. Start and grow your business with an ace guiding you. Experience is everything. It gives you a huge advantage in streamlining your success. No guessing on what to do or how and avoid costly mistakes. Plus save alot of time and grow your business fast and the correct way.

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